ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2020

Management of raw materials and consumables

We manage the raw materials and consumables used in our activity in the most efficient and environmentally safe manner.

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For this purpose, we are striving to continuously improve efficiency of the processes we run. We achieve this by introducing solutions consistent with the circular economyconcept and investing in new technologies, especially plant modernizations. We also ensure appropriate handling of waste and wastewater.

Energy resources

As we produce electricity and heat, we consume significant amounts of energy resources: bituminous coal, gas, biomass and fuel oils. The basic fuel used by us to generate electricity is bituminous coal. Biomass fired by us is mainly energy wood chips, energy willow and poplar chips as well as by-products of agricultural production and agricultural product processing industry.

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Fuel type
Generation Area
2019 2020
[000s of tons]
[PLN million]
[000s of tons]
[PLN million]
Bituminous coal
11,345 2,924 8,719 2,144
1,913 538 1,957 515
(Heavy) fuel oil16
15 23 13 16
(Light) fuel oil17
7 20 6 15
Gas [thous. Nm3]1819
18,105 27 21,507 25
Total 3,533 2,715
16. Light up fuel in U1-10 of the Kozienice Power Plant and U1-7 of the Połaniec Power Plant
17. Light up fuel in U11 of the Kozienice Power Plant and U9 of the Połaniec Power Plant.
18. Used for generation of electricity and heat in MEC Piła and heat in PEC Oborniki
19. Used for production of heat in “Zachód” Heat Plant.


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Water is necessary to produce electricity, we use water, among others, in power plant cooling systems. We apply a number of technological solutions which allow us to return water to the Vistula river, preserving its quantity and quality.

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In respect to water management, our companies develop solutions in the area of a circular economy concept. Examples of good practices include actions carried implemented in connection with coal mining, such as the use of mine water for firefighting and technological purposes.

Water withdrawal [m3]
2018 2019 2020
Total water consumption by ENEA Group companies:
2,912,857,179 2,851,674,557 2,521,563,139
including water withdrawal from water intake/municipal water supply system
241,504 231,654 204,558
including surface water withdrawal
2,896,571,028 2,834,572,229 2,504,441,015
including deep water withdrawal
841,364 867,398 833,748
including drainage water withdrawal
12,565,217 12,872,658 12,928,105
including water withdrawal from another source
2,638,066 3,130,618 3,155,395


Production of various waste products is a natural consequence of our activities, primarily mining and generating activities. We strive to produce as little waste as possible and each year we manage to reduce the quantities.

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Generated waste [ Mg ]22
2018 2019 2020
Total mass of waste generated in the ENEA Group:
8,318,353 7,486,683 6,328,559
including hazardous waste
824 5,46423 833
of which: non-hazardous waste
8,317,529 7,481,219 6,327,726
22. Real properties for which there are no detailed data on generated waste (e.g. because the respective companies settle their accounts with administrators on a lump sum basis) have not been taken into account.
23. This includes waste collected by ENEA Logistyka from other ENEA Group entities and those resulting from the provisions of the Act on worn-out electric and electronic equipment.
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We make effort not only to minimize the amount of waste but also to utilize it:

  • the power plant in Połaniec sells gypsum from flue gas desulfurization as well as ash and gravel which are by-products of combustion,
  • Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” uses mining waste for land reinstatement, road and square hardening and for the production of cement, and also provides authorized units with, among others, wood and used oils, for management.
  • ENEA Bioenergia sp. z o.o. produces full-value construction aggregate using ash and slag mixture obtained from wet furnace waste disposal.


We are developing measures to reduce paper consumption. The greatest responsibility in this respect rests with ENEA Centrum, which provides other ENEA Group companies with, among others, accounting, HR, customer service, collection, procurement and administration services. The measures implemented by the company include, among others, extending the possibility of electronic signing of contracts, enabling transmission of documents by e-mail, through a chat and the Electronic Customer Service Office (i.e. it is no longer necessary to print them out and send by traditional mail), combining documents (invoices, corrections, interest notes are sent in a single envelope to a contractor with the same correspondence address on several contracts) or e-invoice promotion campaign.

ENEA Centrum


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e-invoices issued in 2020

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